I want to help people feel better so they can hope for better, so they can do better. My hope is that as they expand into the truth of who they are they brighten the world around them, and help others to grow and expand and that the light just keeps getting brighter.

Its not about the symptom its about the cause and I believe the cause to be a universal ache, a yearning for people to feel more than their material things. A yearning for connection, a yearning to feel whole. To me the cause is so much more than the disease or the tight hamstring, leading to stress and tightness in the piriformis, culminating in the sciatic nerve being impinged. Well, yeah that is happening, but this is a chance to know yourself better. The greater reason things happen, I believe, is because of this deep desire for more, more connection to self and our world around us.

Think about it, where would that oak tree be without the ground to hold it and the heavens to inspire it. Pain is just a lack of flow impinging that trees growth. People have more in common with that tree than they realize. Human beings need that vessel as well. 

Pain, disease, emotional angst, heart break, all the grit of life, the ancient Chinese alchemists saw that as our lead. The raw material needed to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. It hurts, it sometimes feels impossible but if we stay the course, the lead will transform into wisdom, depth and compassion. Making you better, stronger and inviting you to know yourself in a deeper, truer way. 

My intention is to be of service along the way providing support that is in alignment with the highest and the best, creating a space where healing (change) however that looks can begin.  

I would love to say I can fix you. I can't, but I can support you as you heal.

The beauty of healing is that everyone is going to do it in their own way. I think that's important to note. I don't know how that will look for someone, but I can help them unlock the doors along the way. Life is a series of doors. How we stay open and in tune to whats best for us in each moment, thats the key. When we are in pain or fighting against feeling pain, which is a natural response, it is hard to down load that information. Many of us only know one way, and we are tricked into believing that this or that is going to fix me, cure me, make me whole.  When the answer is always found on the inside not the out side, I want to help people heal from the inside out and I can't say how that looks, and there is no guarantee.  

Acupuncture and essential oils are two keys to unwinding the tension and allowing flow.  Where there is flow there is no doubt, there's just a deep knowing. Even if that knowing scares you, you know. I use these tools to help patients find the answers for themselves, and in doing so, empower them to walk their path with integrity and compassion.


I have so much gratitude for all my teachers, past present and future. Specifically, Lorie Dechar and Benjamin Fox whose love, patience, and support has opened up a world of possibility for me. Ginny Nadler who taught me how to move from my true core and in essence opened  a whole world of healing and understanding for me. And Finally Tiffany Pollard and Peter Holmes for their unrelenting dedication to the understanding and teaching of essential oils.