Q: How much does it cost?*

A: Initial consultations are $175 and take 90 minutes. Each treatment thereafter is $135 and takes 60 minutes. Occasionally  I run seasonal specials and new patient discounts. Please check here for offers. 

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes! Cash and check are accepted as well. 

Q: Does it hurt? 

A: It can. In all fairness, change hurts. As human beings, very few of us like change. I would say even fewer of us like needles. Walking into a session where you're willing allowing both change and treatment with needles can cause initial anxiety, if not just in the mental buildup leading to the first treatment. 

Not every session hurts. In fact, some patients never experience discomfort. What I can say with confidence and assurance is that healing and freedom are worth the discomfort we have to move through to find the other side. Often times, patients find the treatment room their cocoon of transformation. 

Q: What should I expect post treatment?

A: Immediately following the treatment, I recommend some grounding time to have a tea, light snack, short walk or some individual process that will allow the treatment to settle in. I also often suggest a salt bath the evening following to assist in the body's healing process.

That being said, its New York City and life moves fast here. Many patients just get right on with it following treatment. Just listen to your body!