From her Brooklyn Based practice, Christine offers a variety of ancients healing methods:



Originating in ancient China, acupuncture balances energy flow in the body promoting physical, mental & spiritual health by using tiny needles to access specific points on the patient.

People often asked if acupuncture hurts. The truth is, it can be uncomfortable for some patients. It can be very liberating as well. Years of discomfort or imbalance are often reversed in just a few treatments. 

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This treatment pairs acupuncture points with essential oils to target specific patient needs. A drop of oil is placed on specific points on your body and held for about one minute.  

The oils work to stimulate and balance your body, mind and soul and can be used with or without needles. If you are nervous about needles, the oils are a great way to begin. They calm and relax your nervous system, creating a space of comfort for you to receive treatment.

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Pain is often the body’s first signal that there is a lack of flow. Acupuncture and essential oils will get things flowing again. Once this flow or life prana is moving more freely, stretching and alignment training can help patients with keeping things moving. Christine often works with patients on their own alignment, teaching them how to move and how to continue “self-treatment” post session.

If more time is needed, Yoga and Pilates specific treatment session are available to learn how to move and stretch the body in ways that alleviate pain and create space and flow in the body and mind.

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Gua sha is an ancient healing technique whereby oil is first applied to the skin on the treatment area, then a smooth-edged instrument is used by the acupuncturist to apply strokes on the skin. Usually the treatment area is the neck, shoulders and back parallel to the spine, but can be done anywhere on the body. The stroking results in raised redness on the skin surface..   

Gua Sha works to break up stagnation, promote the smooth flow of blood in the treated area and ultimately relieve pain.